During my tenure on the Mosquito Control Board I am proud of many accomplishments including:


Changed our name from Monroe County Mosquito Control to Florida Keys Mosquito Control bringing recognition to our organization and staff for their accomplishments.


Led the effort to bring science to the Fla Keys Mosquito supporting the employment of Entomologists and Biologists.


Established an Educational Outreach program teaching children about mosquitos, where they breed, and how to help Mosquito Control fight the bite.


Brought programs about Mosquito Control to community and civic groups throughout the Keys.


Supported building a research laboratory to Marathon so we can immediately identify species of Mosquitos breeding in the Keys chain of islands.


Championed creating a domestic program that goes door to door eliminating mosquitos at every residence and business in the Keys.


Supported construction of a secure hanger and maintenance facility for our helicopters and aircraft that is rated for a category 3 storm, enabling us to keep the equipment here for immediate response.


Spearheaded a self-insured health insurance program saving the taxpayers over $500,000 annually.


Saved taxpayers over $19 million, killing more mosquitos with larvicide and reducing pesticide usage by 80%.


Supported fair and responsible tax rates that properly funded Mosquito Control.


Voted against irresponsible budget decisions.


Championed access to US Fish and Wildlife Wilderness islands to enable usage of larvicide to control mosquitos and dramatically reducing use of pesticides.


Supported research on innovations including remote sensor traps, drones, Wolbachia and Irradiated Mosquitos, Genetically Modified Mosquitos, and the testing and now use of liquid Bti larvicide.

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