When this building was designed, we tried to incorporate state of the art equipment into a building that will serve this community for decades.  As the hub for aerial operations as well as research this facility is critical to protecting our citizens and visitors from mosquito carried diseases while allowing us to enjoy living in the beautiful Florida Keys.


Behind the white walls you will see a large hanger holding 2 fixed wing aircraft, 4 helicopters, loading equipment, and a complete aircraft maintenance facility. We do all our aircraft and aircraft engine maintenance. We can keep our aircraft protected during most Cat 3 or less windstorms.


The other side of the building holds 3 laboratories, offices for research, IT, field support and aircraft staff.  There is a planning room for our aircraft pilots who often are mapping their missions long before the sun rises.


We have a meeting facility, rated Cat 5,  which we use for training our 60+ countywide staff, hold board and staff meetings, and offer space to the community for meetings such as FKAA and non-profit organizations.


Located adjacent to the main building is one of our 3 vehicle maintenance garages, as we do all our own vehicle/truck/spray equipment servicing and maintenance; an EPA rated climate-controlled chemical storage building is on the property in which we store larvicides and adulticides.  We also have fuel storage for our vehicles and aircraft.


Each Keys location has a vehicle maintenance facility, chemical storage, and the upper and lower Keys facilities have small laboratories for vector identification and preparing samples to be sent to state and federal labs for analysis.


All told, we are a well planned program that operates quietly in the background, analyzing samples from a couple hundred traps spread across the county and always looking for mosquito breeding areas

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